WiFi Design and Engineering

With the large, and continually growing, number of user devices requiring WiFi connectivity; a properly planned, designed and engineered WiFi network is crucial to every business. The problem with today’s networks is not just poor coverage: With all the smartphones, tablets, laptops and countless other Wi-Fi devices, network capacity may easily become the bottleneck in your network if it’s not properly planned.

Our comprehensive design services can be performed before, during or after your facility is built. Using floorplans provided by the client, we can design a network for any facility, of any size during any phase of construction. For a building in the early stages we have advanced simulation capabilities that allow us to create what-if-scenarios, such as moving or replacing access points,obstruction testing, increasing network load, or using different network adapters. In addition, WiFi Integrators will take capacity into account when designing. The more capacity you will need, the denser the proposed access point layout will be.

For a more thorough onsite design we can perform a core three step design:
  • Perform a passive survey to determine the current coverage of the pre-existing network and/or any neighboring Networks that will impact the performance of the new network being designed.
  • Survey using an enterprise grade AP to test potential locations for coverage and obstruction penetration levels.
  • Upon completion of the site surveys a report will be generated for the pre-existing locations of AP’s as well as each test location. The report will contain information gathered during testing regarding the RF Coverage, signal level, data rate/throughput and other data requested by the customer. This report will show the actual findings represented as heat maps overlaid on the floor plans. Based on the findings of these tests the technician will create a design reflecting the findings and guaranteeing network coverage. The design will include the best location on floor for full, redundant, wireless coverage.

These surveys can be adjusted to include add on options such as Spectrum Analysis, data closet inventory, throughput testing and any other services needed by the client.

We use the latest WiFi design technologies and our many years of experience to create a network design that exceeds your needs and expectations.